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Ace is a our big soppy Mastiff X who came in to us as a stray, he was tied up and abandoned near his registered home sadly his owners were no longer at the address so he came to us with open arms.

We did manage to find a home for ace but sadly he was returned after a few days due to his strength on the lead, the lady of the home felt she was unable to provide him with his exercise needs being the sole walker so the sad decision was made to return him.

When Ace first came into us he was quite unsure of new people and took a while to come round to some staff members however his stay with us has enabled him to meet lots of new people and is now friends with all he meets happy to take a treat and bum rum from them.

Ace can be very strong on the lead at times as such he will need a handler who is experienced and strong enough to hold him however the ast majority of the time he walks lovely being able to be walked on your little finger, he just needs some training to know that he can't tow you along with all of his 55kg of weight when he wants to.

We have found that he can be choosey with the dogs he does and doesn't like, generally he is good with small and young dogs however bigger adults very much depend on their temperaments, if they are calm and ignorant he will be fine but he doesn't tend to like the more exciteable/OTT dogs as such we will be looking for a home with no other dogs and one where he can be enrolled in dog training classes to improve his socialisation.

Ace's general obedience is quite good he does know his basic commands such as sit and paw, he does also have a good recall in an enclosed area with no other dogs/distractions - his recall will need to be firmly established before being let off in the big wide world. Off lead in the play pen he loves to play fetch, he will bring the ball back to you to throw again, he also loves a good game of tuggy!

Ace would love a home with a sofa big enough to accommodate his large derrière, one where he can get lots of fuss and cuddles.. oh and one who doesn’t mind the excess dribble he likes to share with you!

No children under 10 and no cats.

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