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Baggy 2014

Hello there,

My name is Baggy, and I am nine years old. I have lived at Green Gap Kennels for roughly five years, and only recently have I begun to feel at home with the help of the staff. I'm sort of a mascot here, and everyone knows who I am. I even have a special nickname - Mr Baggy-pants! Honestly, they do come up with some names! 

When I left the warmth, love and security my mother always showered upon me, it became a very scary time for me. I thought my new friend would show me the love and companionship I was always so willing to give myself, how wrong can you be. The gentle pat on my head and good boy never came. I was about to become a very unlucky guard dog, (I must stress, not all guard dogs are treated badly). Eventually all I knew was isolation, sadness and fear of the worst kind. My tormentors bought out the worst in me and sadly I became aggressive; it was the only way I knew how to protect myself. I was so afraid and lonely; my confidence was shattered and felt I could never trust again…

…that was until Forest Dog Rescue became my very loving, patient and caring new family. Even though I’ve been with them for five years, it’s only been recently I feel safe, slowly gaining trust and confidence once again. I have again found the happiness I thought was gone forever. I have my own room and I get regular exercise, building up my trust and confidence all the time.

Being the mascot of Forest Dog Rescue, I have a reputation to maintain! I love my leisurely stroll around the grounds of Green Gap Hotel, making sure everything is in place and nothing has changed! It's not an easy job, let me tell you, but I'm more than happy to do it!

But thanks to the staff at Forest Dog Rescue, my life is so much better and I'm slowly opening up to new people all the time. It may take a while, but people are always so patient with me.

Just like Tag and Zia who are also here long term, (Tucker is in long-term foster) we will always be grateful to my family and anyone kind enough to help us here.

Please, consider being a sponsor - it really does help change the lives of dogs like myself and it will brighten my day, knowing I have another friend out there looking out for me.

Thank you, and take care!



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