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We now feel that Beth is ready to start the search to find herself a new home, she has made huge steps from the shut down and dejected dog she arrived with us as. Beth originally came in to us from another rescue so sadly we do not have any history but we have worked hard to try and get her to forget her past and put faith in us to make her future brighter!

Beth really was incredibly nervous and shut down when she came in to us, she didn't seem to know kind hands and would drop her head and freeze if touched. She didn't know the feel of grass or the joy of walkies neither did she understand that nothing bad was going to happen now, this was the start of her new beginning. We have seen the rigid, scared, uncomfortableness slowly change in to a wiggly, tail wagging pleased to see you! We do think she has a long way to go confidence wise but the progress she has made with us fills us with hope that she will continue to flourish.

We have found that Beth loves the company of dogs, she has a fair few friends here that she likes to spend her walks with and is always up for playtime but is equally happy to mooch about along side those who don't share her enthusiasm with play. We feel that Beth would do best in a home where she has another dog for comfort and guidance, whom she can take confidence in and play with but also wouldn't bee too overpowering or dominant for her.

On the lead beth does sometimes need a helping hand with coaxing her along specially in a new environments but she is doing wonders considering her reluctance to even go outside when she first arrived. She would benefit with some sympathetic handling and training both on her lead work and general obedience once settled and bonded with new owner.

We are starting to see Beth's little character shine through, she is cheeky, becoming more cuddly and always up for walks.

We are looking for a home with another dog, one with no young children and one where she can be given the time and support she needs to blossom.

Not cat tested and no children.

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