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Blaze came into us over 12 months ago from another rescue after he retired from racing. He was rehomed but has unfortunately been returned as there were a few spats between him and one of the other dogs in the home.

Blaze is a gentle and sensitive soul who very much likes to stay well within his comfort zone, he is very wary about meeting new people, he has to take some time to build his trust with you. We have tried to expose him to as many new people as possible but without over doing it and making him feel too uncomfortable. He gets very anxious when he feels crowded or doesn't have a way of escape so we have introduced him to individual volunteer walkers primarily and has done really well. Once he knows you he is a loving and loyal companion, staff often pop in to share his bed and have a cuddle with him, he regularly falls asleep but soon wakes up and paws you if you stop the fuss!

We are looking for a quiet home for him to retire in, put his slippers on and sprawl on the sofa uninterupted by the comings and goings of daily life. Ideally we would like him to meet his new mummy and/or daddy several times prior to adoption to give him time to adjust and get to know them before he leaves the comfort of his kennel and the people he knows.

He walks beautifully on the lead, you could walk him on your little finger. Like many greyhounds he is happy to have a gentle stroll and then back to his bed to snooze the day away. He can be left 3- 4 hours without any problem, he is clean in the house, great in the car and loves his toys, the squeakier the better!

Out and about he is fine with other dogs but we are ideally looking for a pet free home. His previous owners said he was an amazing dog but the family dynamic and environment just didn't suit him.

No children and no cats.

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