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Meet new boy Bruce Wayne, a small-medium sized crossbreed. We are helping out another rescue to see if we can help to find him a forever home. He is currently in foster so we have know a little more information - this is what his foster mum has to say about him :

"Bruce Wayne came and was initially extremely timid but came out of his shell within a week or so. He really would be such an easy dog to keep, with not a mean bone in his body. He’s good with people, once he’s comfortable with them and is fabulous with other dogs. He’s derived a lot of confidence from one of my other dogs in particular.

He’s now playful with the rest of my pack and enjoys playing with his own toys. He does collect non toy items such as socks, tea towels and door stops but doesn’t chew them, just takes them to his bed.

He likes the safety of his crate as a bolt hole, but when he’s relaxed is happy to be wherever the rest of us are in the house.

Loves his food and his walks and really likes to be with you and the other dogs - gets on better with females tho

I think this beautiful boy would be a fabulous dog for anyone lucky enough to rehome him but would be best suited to an active home with at least one other confident female dog that would help continue to improve his confidence and with whom he could play.

As a timid rescue a secure garden would be a must and it would be ideal if he wasn’t left alone for long periods of time and no children due to his lack of confidence at the moment."

As Bruce is in foster viewings are by appointment only so please call the kennels on 01299 269181 :)

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