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Buddy came into us as a stray from another rescue and has been here far too long. He was very underweight and had a bit of a bad tummy which we have now managed to get on top of.

He has won the hearts of all the staff here, quickly becoming a firm favourite. If you want a big cuddle monkey then this is the dog for you! With Buddy it is all about people and the more the merrier! He is the size of a labrador so he is on the large side (not one that you want sat on your lap - although Buddy would give it a good try haha)

Lead work is pretty good - until he catches a whiff of something and decides he wants to go investigate :)

Not really one to race around, more a mooch about kind of guy. Not interested in toys but boy does he love he food.

He has walked around with other dogs and generally just ignores them, the odd one he doesn't particularly like but he doesn't react, just mumbles and keeps walking.

At his age he just wants a human all to himself to laze the days away with (on the settee in front of the fire would be his ultimate dream!)

Best being the only dog in the home, not cat tested and no young children as we are unable to test to a satisfactory level due to current circumstances.

Please make Buddy's wish come true and let him find a family to call his own :)

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