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Cracker is now in the queue for a family of his own complete with greyhound sized sofa after completing all of his assessments despite coming in with no previous history.

We have found Cracker to walk beautifully on the lead, often you find yourself looking down to check if he is still attached! Cracker is extremely affectionate too - he would stand, sit and lie down all day for any amount of cuddles, kisses or scratches - he absolutely loves to do the classic sighthound lean up your leg for added comfort! :)

Off lead Cracker loves to belt round the playpen trying to break the land speed record, often his attempts dwindle at the 3rd lap round instead pulling in for a pit stop of cuddles from his human, then he is ready for bed hehe! Equally Cracker could walk all day long or be as lazy as you like, typical greyhound!

We have found that Cracker is very engaged by other dogs out and about and will watch them from afar though we don't believe any malice in it we are trying to break his focus and direct his attention to his handler and safe to say sausages work a treat for it! We have also found that he is much better with larger dogs then smaller ones, we are doing some work with him with smaller dogs however given the opportunity he will react and bounce round trying to get a good luck at it so training would need to be continued in his new home.

If you are looking for an active, couch potato who likes to zoom 100mph followed by snoozes for the rest of the day Cracker is your man! Once his issue with smaller dogs is nailed he would be a brilliant family dog.

No cats and no children under 5.

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