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Meet our beautiful Dottie who originally came in to us via another rescue and bless her she has had a bit of an up and down time since arriving due to an injured leg.

Sadly we noticed she had a bit of a 'skip' on her back end so we sought veterinary advice who pinpointed the problem to her hock but would need X-rays to see what the problem was. So we got her booked in with a specialist and what was found was far from what we expected.. a fractured hock! So her re-hab has begun with her leg splint, restricted exercise and no playpen in the hope we can get her healing nicely.

As you can imagine trying to keep her calm and not jump up is a task in itself however we are hoping her new family won't take long to find!

Dottie is extraordinarily friendly to everyone she meets, she loves people and expects everyone to have a cuddle from her which is a little problematic at the moment as jumping up is a 'no no' for her leg! Her tail is forever wagging and enjoys every moment she has with you and on her walks, she really is a happy little girl!

Before her leg injury we had introduced and let her play with quite a few of our dogs including Ralphy, though she was very OTT and at times rough she was good with him and out on the fields she is happy to walk with, past and next to any dog. Due to her leg we are looking for a home where she is the only dog to aid recovery.

When Dottie first arrived she was terrible on the lead, she was all over the shop pulling, jumping and swapping sides clearly not having had much instruction on the lead! So to help her walk nicely and to help her leg heal we introduced her to a Gencon and she took to it like a duck to water practically led round on your little finger.

She is a bright little cookie that clearly hasn't had much done with her in the past as she does lack general obedience and manners but she is super keen to learn and please so a course of dog training classes (once leg has healed) will be just the ticket, not to mention she would certainly enjoy the challenge and socialisation.

We would be looking for a home that is local to our vets (Severn Edge) so she can attend any check ups if needed, once recovered Dottie will need an active home but this will need to be gradually increased in accordance with her needs and vets advice.

No cats and no children under 5.

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