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Fostering plays a very important part in any charity; it enables the charity to help dogs who are suffering in kennels for various reasons. Some breeds such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Lurchers and Greyhounds do not bode well in kennels; others are old, young, poorly or simply petrified in the kennel situation. Although the staff do everything they possibly can, it is impossible to spend the time needed to offer more comfort or to give a home environment to these poor dogs. Many dogs accept the kennels quite well; they have clean cosy beds, heat lamps for the colder months, 2 meals daily plus 2 social walks and playtime. Quality time out for each dog also depends on how many volunteer walkers kindly give their time too.

We are always on the lookout for new foster carers who would be willing to help a dog that is struggling with kennel life while waiting for their forever home.

Our past and existing foster carers are and have been invaluable, they make such a difference to all concerned.

We have 2 different fostering policies:

Short term- for dogs who are not settling in kennels for one reason or another but will be re-homed at some point. Vet bills will be covered by the charity and food if necessary. The foster carer will also have to be willing to take the dog to the kennels to meet potential adopters or allow the meeting to go ahead in their own home.

Long term- for dogs that may never be re-homed due to illness or age. They again will have no vet fees or have to buy food but will have to accept the dog they have, may be there until the end.

For more information on fostering,

please call the kennels on 01299 269181 (closed on Wednesday's)

or email [email protected]

Enjoy some photos of dogs that have blossomed and moved on with their new forever family and some who are still in Foster Care.