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Welcome to 

"Happy Tails"

This page is where we hope to share monthly updates from some of the lucky dogs who have finally found their forever families, we adore the stories and pictures people share with us, we hope you do too

We start our November Happy Tails with Lottie!!!

So 2 years ago we picked this little lady up to “foster her” since then she has been making our life’s better.

Lottie loves chasing tennis balls, going on scout camp and sleeping in front of the fire. Happy Halloween / gotchaday

Chalky - We are getting a stronger bond each day love him too the moon and back#spoiltdog

Hi! I know that you guys like pupdates so I just thought I'd send you a photo of Jodie. We first fell in love with Jodie at FDR in 2006!!! Time has flown by, but not a day has gone by where Jodie hasn't put a smile on our faces. Thank you so much for introducing us x

Bertie - We hope you are all well just thought I'd give you a quick update on our little man he's an amazing and goes from strength to strength with everything that's asked of him like training etc.

Gotcha! Two years on since Buddy adopted us, he’s happy, healthy and such a good boy - and he’s loved to bits. Here he is on a recent walk in the sunshine.

Basil (formerly Chip) on his first seaside holiday. He has a wonderful bond with the boys. We haven’t regretted our decision to adopt him for a single second.

It's only taken a year but today Glorious George was free! Total recall on a dog friendly field. So loved and totally spoilt xxx he's the apple of our hearts.

Poppy is settling in really well 

Teddy (aka Little Ted). He is a lovely little dog and has fitted in so well with us. He still doesn't understand toys but enjoys his walks with me and play fights with John. Last photo was when he was rescued, second one is when we adopted him and a couple more of him when he came back from the groomers yesterday x

Best wishes Jill and John x

Happy 1st gotcha day Amber!

Its been quite a year and you couldn’t have fitted in better to our family, love you to the moon and back! 

Hi All at Forest just to let you know it's been a year today that my new family took me to my forever home . You called me Sierra my family call me Freya. 

Hi this is Freya's moma what can we say about her she is amazing. There was no back ground on her due to the fact she had been abandoned on the streets. But she has fitted into our family . We have had get know her and it's taken time but well worth it . Considering we had know back ground she came into our home with 3 cats 2 dogs. So for all you ppl that want to give a dog a home do it . It is so rewarding. Freya we love you to bits happy got you day 

Thought you might like to see the latest Kevin pics

My lovely Peggy has been with us 5 weeks now, and she has settled in perfectly. She loves playing with her toys and going for walks and fetches my shoes when she wants to go! She is a little star with everyone she meets and the whole family ❤

Can't believe it's Rolo's 1st Gotta Day today! He has excelled himself this morning by meeting and greeting another JRT with out any hassle!! Even had a good sniff of each other. So proud of him. He isn't a dog for the faint hearted but we love him so much. Lots of love and woofs to you all. 

Just thought I'd send you a few photos of Sherry ( Now Skye ☺️ ) we've had her a week today and she's honestly settled it so well already! She's very loving but also very cheeky and loves running off with shoes, pillows and doormats in her mouth but we love her already! She's doing well on the lead and has been practising every day and her toilet training is pretty much sorted! x

Brother & Sister reunited, Monty & Tess are now 3 years old and although only live a few streets away this was the first time off lead together since they were pups at around 12 weeks old when they came into Forest dogs.

Absolutely love our girl Roxy was Selena .she has a lovely nature is completely house trained and nothing but a pleasure to have around she's so settled and loving life thanks so much for letting me adopt her .

Just to let you know Dana is amazing. She has settled into our family so well. She is so loving and loves playing fetch now. She is learning lots of new things as loves Reef her new doggy companion.


Me and Scott want to thank you so much for letting us adopt Siobhan (we have changed her name to Lola now) she’s so loving and full of life and we have fallen in love with her already

Thank you so much ❤️

Update on Bruno....He has been with us a week now and has well and truly unpacked . He loves snuggling on the sofa and being fussed 24/7. He is our gorgeous boy now and love him lots so Thank you so much for letting us adopt him 

Marley, the hero! Adopted from you in July 17. Romanian rescue so plenty of issues initially. Last week my wife slipped and broke her leg while walking him. He stayed with her for half an hour until I found her. Despite distractions from pheasants and squirrels her stayed with his injured mom!

"We adopted Dolly from you on 2nd. November and it is like she has lived with us for years. She has settled in so well and we adore her. Here are one or two pics we thought you would like to see."

Only adopted Summer a week ago and she’s settling in so well! She’s obsessed with cuddles and loves playing with her sister. She doesn’t quite understand personal space yet as you can see in the first picture but can’t help but love her! 

Hello! Harley Quinn has been in our hearts and home now for 8

months and is such a lovely girl, so full of character and love for everything and everyone (sometimes a little too much at times!!) she goes dog training every week where she gets to practice her good behavior and her sit and stay is now excellent in this session! Her favourite part is where the dogs can all run around together at the end (she is soooooo quick!!) and has a few favourite friends, it's a joy to watch! At home she loves a good snuggle in the sofa and playing tuggie and fetch with her ball. She loves hide and seek too with people or balls/treats. At the park she is still a little too eager and full on to greet and play with the other dogs (we are working on that) so we are careful where we let her off but we are noticing big improvements! She is doing brilliantly!

Hi just a little update on Lola (was Ruffle) who came to live with us 2 years ago today. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family and we all adore her. She fitted in brilliantly with our other pets especially the cat who she likes to curl up in bed with. She can be a bit mischievous at times and we’ve had to turn our garden into Fort Knox to try and foil her many cleverly planned escape attempts earning her the nickname ‘Houndini’. She loves her walks especially when there are squirrels to chase or muddy puddles to play in. Thank you for letting us take her home.

A lovely couple adopted Connie (the little brown one) and a few weeks later came back to us and we introduced Connie to Bumble!

I think we can safely say that they are friends!!!

Hello! Thought I’d give you guys a small update on Peggy (formerly Alice). We got her from you in June 2017, and she’s just the absolute best. We’ve now moved to Manchester with her, where she has a bigger garden and SO many good walks in the Peak District, the coast, and all the other gorgeous areas around here.

After some work with a couple of dog trainers, she’s increasingly comfortable with people - and once she knows someone, they are her best friend for life. Including sneaking around a table to lick people’s faces without them realising. Her daily dog walker adores her and the feeling is mutual, as Peggy leaps into her arms when she arrives! She’s a big dog now too....

Peggy continues to be super weird too. Security cameras in our house have caught her bouncing on our bed, building pillow forts (I’m not kidding), and routinely slipping off the sofa while asleep....

She’s just wonderful, and our lives have been so enriched by her.

Thank you SO much for bringing this bundle of nutty energy into our lives!

Marthe de Ferrer

And another great pupdate from Tilly formerly Scout! Not easy to capture a photo of an excited 10 month old pup but here is Tilly (Scout) enjoying her first visit to the seaside. I can’t believe we have only had this wonderful girl for a month she is so much part of our lives. Thank you to all at Forest Dog Rescue 

2 years since we got lil Rosie. That day changed our lives for the better. We now live by the sea and Rosie gets long walks/runs/digs on the beach every day. Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time for us say hello once again Chewitt, look forward to seeing you again soon 

Just a few photos of Taz ( Denzel) he has settled so well, both pups have calmed down a lot with play, he has well and truly moved In..!! Lead work is improving and is learning everyday a lot of perseverance with a lot of things but he is getting there. he is such a beauty xxxx

It's Flynns (was Wilko) 1st gotcha day! This lil guy was so nervous when we first brought him home in fact he never made any sort of noise for the first week or so. He's had lots of medical issues too but even with all his 'baggage' he's such a lovable, loyal and feisty lil dog.

We just want to thank you for giving us the 5th family member we never knew we needed. You truly are wonderful people. Flynn also sends snuggles..

And sadly...

My.old boy Spike had to be put to sleep he was 17 years old got him from you when he was 2. He had a great life and he will be missed!

On behalf of everyone at Forest Dog Rescue, thank you so much for taking a then 2 year old Spike into your family and giving him 15 wonderful years.

Sleep tight Spike xx

We hope you have enjoyed this months “Happy Tails”

All these lovely and so gratefully received updates will be refreshed each month so if you would like to join in, please send your stories plus some pictures if you can to either our Facebook page as a visitors post, private message or via email to [email protected] – we look for hearing from you!

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