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Say hello to our little Ivy! Ivy came in to us along with her two sisters Suzie and Liv who have sinced been rehomed however little Ivy was lucky enough to get in to a foster home over the Christmas period with one of our members of staff. When Ivy and her sisters were found they were very poorly pups, covered in fleas & mange and full of worms, thankfully they pulled through and are now blossoming.

The staff member fell in love with her and couldn't bare to see her in kennels, sadly she is unable to keep her herself but has given us all the info and requirements Ivy will need in her forever home. This is what she has to say about her:

"Ivy is such a wonderful puppy who has quickly adapted to being in a home despite probably never having been in one before, she happily lives alongside my two Boxers and my SBT X who is also from FDR.

Ivy loves to play like any puppy does, she will happily play on her own running around playgrowling with a rope toy or kong in her mouth but she has now learnt how to play with the other dogs so tuggy with Buddie the Boxer is a firm favourite! She is very good in that she doesn't pester dogs for attention, she may try and instigate play if they get up otherwise she will occupy herself - sometimes this is in the form of stealing slippers hehe!

Within 4 days Ivy was housetrained and will now ask to go out by going to the doors/pacing between the doors, though sometimes she is just mesmerised by the reflections on the windows so often stands gazing out bless her! She is clean over night and currently sleeps in a crate nearby to the other dogs so she is able to see them at all times, she will wake you up to tell you if she needs a wee but usually this is just early in the morning rather then throughout the night.

Ivy is a clever pup and is starting to learn her basic commands, she does sit very nicely however her'wait' is yet to be established specially with her food bowl as she is a big foodie - which is fab for training motivation! When she has her zoomy moments she is super quick and agile so i think that once her confidence has improved out and about she would be an amazing agility dog!

She hasn't been let off in the big wide world as yet but we have started her recall in the garden and though calling her name and whistling may fall on deaf ears sometimes, shaking the treat tub will always make her come running to you, sitting nicely at your feet for a treat!

Walks on the lead aren't yet a favourite pass time, she is getting the hang of it but does need plenty of encouragement and time to take in all the sights, sounds and smells. She can be nervous of new things but this is all helped along by having another dog nearby so she can see and learn from them that things aren't so bad.

Ivy thrives in the company of other dogs as such we will only be looking for a home with at least one established dog already for her to play with, learn from and bond with.

I think Ivy's only downside is that she is a bit of a scavenger, specially outside in the garden, she will try and eat most things, we are teaching her not to but this will need to be monitored in her new home to ensure she doesn't pick anything up she shouldn't.

When we first brought Ivy home she was quite travel sick in the car, we have continued to make lots of short and positive journeys with her and though she can still druel excessively (unless she knows we are on the way home) her sickness has improved dramatically, and she does actually travel well either lying down or sitting watching out on the front seat.

Ivy has accompanied me to my horses yard and hasn't put a foot wrong, she loves saying hello to everyone including the horses, people, other dogs, sheep and cows... and now happily travels in a wheelbarrow hehe!! :)

Ivy is an incredibly special girl and as such will need a special home, she will need someone who is around a lot of the time, someone who has lots of experience to help with her training and hopefully one where I can keep in touch :)"

If you think Ivy could be the puppy for you and you have at least one existing dog, plenty of time, experience and energy for training, no children under 10 years old and a maximum time of 2 hours where the dogs will be on their own please call or email us!

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