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Please welcome our lovely lady Kensie who has come in to us via another rescue, sadly alike most with no previous history.

Kensie is a calm and chilled pooch who loves people, she can be a little shy upon first meeting then she is your best friend for life. Her tail is always wagging and always pleased to see you.

On the lead she does walk fairly well, she just needs the odd reminder now and then but generally just takes in all the sniffs and sights plodding along by your side.

We have found that she prefers not to have much to do with other dogs, whilst she isn't reactive and will ignore whilst trying to avoid eye contact and walk passed as quickly as she can we have found that she doesn't like them in her face. We have walked her with a range of different dogs the more higher energy ones she may give a grumble towards but again she just opts to continue walking and avoid confrontation. We did also find that she will happily share her walks with calmer more respectful dogs who will give her, her space but for this reason we are looking for a home with no other dogs.

Kensie really is a little treasure and would make a fab companion!

**Thankfully we have managed to get Kensie in to a wonderful foster home ahead of the recent lockdown**

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