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Crossbreed, Female

Approx 7 Months

Lizzy originally came in to us via another rescue with no history, when she first arrived she was terrified to say the least, her whole body trembled in fear. We gave her lots of time to settle and begin to trust us and eventually she started to come round but the outside world beyond her kennel door was a very scary place... fast forward a few weeks and we now have a super confident, happy, tail wagging puppy who loves her walks!

We did manage to find her a home however she was returned to us last week due to not being compatible with their existing dog which became more prevalent during the 12 days they had her as she became to much for him. We were also told that she resources guards some toys however we have tried to replicate this in kennels to no avail - she just wants us to play and throw them for her! Sadly we are unsure of what this behaviour looked to comment further then what we have seen in kennels as the appointment with our behaviourist to tackle the issues was cancelled by the owner ahead of her return.

Lizzy is a typical active, loving, excitable pup who loves nothing more then playing, exploring and cuddles - she opts to drape herself over your lap so she can be fussed ALL over! :)

On the lead she can be a bit of a hoodlum all over the place, jumping around however we have now done away with her harness and introduced her to a half check collar of which she has responded to very well just needing a reminder every now and then.. until she sees someone she knows or her doggy friends and then she can't contain her excitement! We would highly recommend puppy training classes to not only help with her lead work but also her general obedience/commands as 'wait' isn't in her vocab - bless her!!

Lizzy is good with other dogs, she has plenty of friends here however she is quite full on so would benefit an older dog who is still playful but a strong enough character to tell her when enough is enough, she will also need experienced owners to help her/the other dog to step in and give them a breather :)

The only thing we have noticed whilst Lizzy has been with us is whilst she was eating her food, a member of staff gently touched her, she cried turning round to see/mouthe, her reaction was more fear driven like she was in a vulnerable position or someone was going to take away her food. The member of staff continued to stroke her and she did settle straight away and continue eating so she may need some work with this going forward.

Lizzy would benefit an experienced home to devote the time to her training and help her become a well rounded adult dog!

No children.

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