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Husky X, Female

Approx 6 years

Malibu also known as Mali has unfortunately found herself back in kennels due to a change in family circumstance meaning that she was no longer getting the walks or time she truly deserved so her family made the devastating decision to return her. Mali originally came in to us back in 2016 via another charity after coming in as a stray.

Mali is a bright and energetic girl who loves her walkies and exercise, she will require an active home with lots of long  walks and exploring! She is very affectionate and would love to be with you all of the time however her previous owner said she is ok to be left on her own and isn't destructive at all.

Unfortunately Mali can be possessive of food, this is usually when she has something and you try and take it from her or if she thinks you were giving it her then take it away - she has only every growled/warned, nothing more. Her owners had said that she is brilliant at waiting for her food, she is fine when fed separate and has always been separated in a different room during human feeding time. Her owners felt that her food possessiveness began when their children arrived but since their arrival Mali's training had taken a bit of a back seat.

Previously Mali has lived with young children but with her quirks around food we are suggesting no/older children only to minimise any unnecessary risk and stress.

Mali does seem to get on well with dogs but will react on the lead if they bark at her first otherwise she doesn't pay that much attention to them. In her previous home she has been off lead with other dogs and was good as gold, she only had one grumble at a relatives dog when there was food involved. For this reason and having never previously lived with one we are looking for a dog free home for her.

Since her return Mali hasn't put a foot wrong, she loves all of our staff, she has been on her best behaviour, loves charging round the playpen and not to mention lots of cuddles!

Mali's owners described her 5* home as; a really active home, someone who has the time to commit to her training and walks, secure garden with no older animals or children.

No cats and no/older children.

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