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Marnie in Foster


Hi Auntie Emma and all my friends at Forest Dog,

Hi Auntie Emma and all my friends at Forest Dog,

My foster mum has finally found out how to send you some photos (It's so hard to teach an old human new tricks!!)

I guess Auntie Kath told you how I walked straight in and settled down in front of the fire. I've fitted in as though I always lived here - and doggy Aunt Tippi cheered up straight away and after worrying foster mum and dad for weeks grieving over the loss of her mum - they are SO relieved.

Training is nicely underway, I keep 'dad' busy with rough and tumble play (I exercise him regularly), mum' is more of a 'throw and fetch' type and makes a good 'cushion'. I'm learning as I go along, Tippi is teaching me how to ask to go out, how to not jump up at mum when she first gets up, but to wait until she calls us over to her.

I like to keep mum and dad on their toes, so tend to 'puddle' when they least expect it - several days apart, mum and dad think I'm an agent for Bissell lightweight carpet cleaners/shampoo!!

And wow I know how to turn the charm on!! I make a point of allowing all the humans the honour of having me sit

on their knees - my favourite pose is to turn my head to the side and lift one of my paws up whilst looking at them with my big brown eyes - it's a sure way for Tippi and I to earn a dog treat!!

You will notice how the accommodation has gradually improved, Aunt Tippi and I found the old bed far too big, so we were given cardboard boxes overnight!! Luckily it was only overnight whilst they hunted down the 'proper' bed/baskets. I'm glad I have Aunt Tippi for company at night or I wouldn't be too keen on being left alone or know for sure I was supposed to stay in bed. It took a few nights - but I know I have Aunt Tippi for company and when mum sends us to bed and tucks us in with our blankets, we settle down and stay in our beds until dad wakes us in the mornings.

I've also taught mum and dad not to leave their shows lying around - serves mum right!! To make the lesson more memorable, I chewed the left shoe of one pair and the

right shoe of another pair - thoughtful of me - because although they don't match - at least I've left her a pair to wear. Dad caught onto the lesson straightaway and keeps his shoes in the cupboard...mum does too hee.


Love from Marnie XX