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Akita, Male

Approx 6 years

Our big boy Max is looking forward to saying goodbye to kennels for good, sadly he originally came in to us as a stray via another rescue so his history is limited.

We did manage to find him a home however it didn't work out as Max needs work around men in the home, whilst he immediately bonded with the females in the house he didn't take to the male/visiting males. He has had no problems with any male members of staff, he is impartial/ignorant to our male volunteers but for the reasons of his return we are ideally looking for a female home where he can get the training and socialisation he needs.

Max is a super loving dog, he is very affectionate, loves a fuss and to be told he is a good boy.

On the lead he walks really well, barely needs any reminders as he knows very well that he isn't to pull his handler. We have walked him round our fields with many dogs and doesn't really take too much interest in them.

We do feel Max is best suited to being an only dog, he does have dog friends here but can be selective to those he likes so would much prefer to be the only king of the sofa.

His previous owners said that Max is fully housetrained, loves his home comforts, very calm and relaxed and they were devastated to have to return him :(

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