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Meet our handsome pup Nemo! Nemo originally came in to us from another rescue, he was bought as a cane corso puppy then they soon realised he wasn't so didn't want him anymore, sadly they went to the extreme of clipping his ears and docking his tail to make him look more so. Thankfully the rescue took him on and he found his way to us.

We did manage to find a home for Nemo and he was doing really well but we feel as he became more comfortable and started to push boundaries, he went from 0-100mph in whirlwind phases and couldn't be controlled by the owners who felt they couldn't tackle his needs, more information will be given to those who are interest in rehoming him.

Since coming back in to us we have re-assessed him to the best of our ability and feel that he would benefit from a home with lots of experience who are willing to take the time to train him. We feel he would be best suited in a home with no children and no other animals, so he can have the time dedicated to him with minimal distractions.

Nemo is a typical puppy, he is in to everything and everyday is a new adventure, he absolutely loves his toys and has a new favourite every week, this week it is a squeaky christmas pudding - we did tell him it was a little bit early but he just stood there wiggling at us with it in his mouth! :)

Nemo will play and play all day, he can be vocal when he plays but his bum wiggling gives it away to show he just wants to play more and is talking to you.

On the lead he generally walks very well, he can get quite distracted by dogs, smells and people but he always wants to please, he has the most adoring look in his eye!

We do feel that Nemo would certainly benefit dog training such as obedience and we think he would be amazing at agility if you can harness his excitement, he's super quite and agile!

With some time and training Nemo will make a loving and loyal dog, he just needs to be shown how to be a good boy!

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