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Crossbreed, Male.

Approx 7 Years

Petey is ready to bag himself a new home, after coming in via another rescue with no history we have gotten to know him and know what he would make his dreams come true.

Since Petey arrived we have been helping him rebuild his relationship with men which he has come on and starting to trust but can still be standoffish towards them so we are ideally looking for a home with minimal male visitors or a home that can help him overcome his reservations.

Petey walks well on the lead though he can decide to have stubborn moments where he will plant himself however a small tug on the lead and he comes right back to trot at your side.

Petey is a relatively calm dog who does want company he just takes a little time to work you out but once he knows you thats it, friends for life!

He will need an animal free home as he isn't a fan of sharing, and who can blame him!

We think he would make a great companion dog.

No children

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