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' PetzPodz' is the answer to all your pet cat or dogs homing needs. Recommended by vets, rescue centres and animal behaviour experts countrywide. Whether using the 'PetzPodz' for crate puppy training or to home a pet with anxiety issues, the 'new den' really is a cool place for your pet to relax within the comfort of your family home. The 'PetzPodz' can also be used to transport pets and is especially ideal for transporting the more anxious and vulnerable. The PetzPodz will keep your pet warm in the winter months and cool in the summer. A universal and highly versatile product for all small animals.

'PetzPodz' are kindly offering a generous donation of 20% donation of the selling price to the 'Forest Dog Rescue' for each 'PetzPodz' product sold using the unique code of: FDR1 via this link.