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Our beautiful Razzle Dazzle is desperately seeking his forever home, he initially came to us from another rescue practically emaciated so we have no previous history but he really has shown us what a fabulous boy he is and now having gained a substantial amount of weight he is ready to get out of kennels.

Razzle is a very affectionate boy who is calm and gentle, he loves everyone he meets and is a firm favourite here at the kennels.

On the lead he walks beautifully by your side, he can have moments where he will plant on the spot but the tiniest bit of coaxing and he's back by your side enjoying his walkies.

We have found him to be fab around other dogs, he's even been off lead with one of the staff's dogs Abacus where he was very well behaved, they had a play together then once he had had enough took himself of for a sniff round the play pen. We feel that he could live with another dog but one who isn't going to pester him or insist on playing all the time.. he does like his sleep and chill time.

Razzle would make a good all rounder family pet, he is very good at meeting new people, he never jumps up the only bad thing we can say about him is that his love of food means he may be a bit overzealous at taking treats from the hand.

Razzles general obedience is ok but he could do with touching up on his basic commands as getting him to sit is more by chance then skill, for this reason we feel he could be a good candidate to get enrolled in some dog training, he would enjoy the socialisation aspect as well as the learning - you can teach an old dog new tricks :)

Razzle loves his home comforts, when in his kennel you barely see him out of his super king size soft and fluffy bed, often joined by his stuffed toys for added comfort.

We really hope Razzle is lucky enough to find his forever home quickly, he has spent a lot of time in kennels gaining weight, strength and confidence so definitely deserves a loving family.

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