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Our lovely boy Rocky is 10000% ready to get out of kennels for good, as you can imagine a young active boy who loves people really finds kennels difficult so we are hoping he will get his fur-ever after soon!

Rocky came in to us via the dog warden but despite being chipped no owner came forward to claim him so he has served his days and has now been welcomed in to the FDR family.

He really is a big doofus who just hasn't had much education in his life so far as such his manners are a little to be desired however we have began working on this for example, he can now sit and wait calmly as you go through the door first.

On the lead he generally walks pretty well unless he is distracted in which case he can be strong. We would recommend some obedience classes to get him up to scratch with his basic commands and lead work.

Rocky would be best suited to a home where he is the only dog as he can be very over the top with other dogs/when he sees them, he would thrive much better having one to one devotion and training :)

Rocky hates to be on his own in kennels, he really struggles some days he cries and worries so much his eyes are blood shot but all it takes to calm him is to just sit and watch the world go by whilst he leans in close for comfort. For this reason we are looking for a home where he will be on his own minimal time to begin until he is used to being left.

In the playpen Rocky loves to tear round and have a good blast, sometimes he doesn't have very good spacial awareness and has almost bowled staff over in his playtime so maybe best not suited to young children who he would accidentally knock over!

Once given the right training and routine Rocky will make a beautiful pet!

No cats.

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