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Originally coming in to us back in July with her two siblings, Sadie is now ready to begin making steps to find herself a forever home. She came in to us from another rescue along with her brothers, Smokey and Shadow who have since been rehomed, the three were found as strays so sadly they have no history.

When Sadie arrived she was incredibly nervous and fearful of us, she pinned herself up the side of the kennel and shook in fear, if we got too close her reaction was to airsnap to show us she wasn't ready yet. We spent lots of time with her, just sitting next to her, giving her lots of yummy treats and generally being close by until she could see we were ok and not going to hurt her. Eventually she allowed us to get near, put collars on and give her some fuss, though evidently still unsure how to take the contact.

Despite a few set backs with kennel changes and different routines Sadie had made big steps forward, we noticed her love of other dogs and with her progression in kennels plateauing we thought it would be a good idea to seek the help of an experienced foster home who had other dogs she could take comfort in.

Luckily we had the perfect placement and it seems to have been the best move for our little Sadie as her progress has been incredible, here is what her fosterer has to say: 

"Sadie is a bright, playful but currently timid of new people, Her uncertain past has left her with a lack of trust. Despite this we have found she does actually enjoy affection and curling up on the sofa with her head in your lap. She also has quite a sense of fun and her favourite game is tug of war. She loves playing with the other dogs in the household and curling up with them for naps. She walks well on the lead if not a little erratically when other dogs are around. She has been good with all dogs she has met and would be ok with cats that are confident around dogs. Sadie behaves like a lot younger puppy although all are improving quickly. She will need an experienced owner who has lots of time as she will learn quickly. Sadie will need another confident dog in the household to show the ropes but also as a play mate. Due to her needing to build trust and respect her boundaries a quieter household with no young children would be best. "

Sadie is your typical pup with regards to her liking to chew things specially for attention and her toilet training is making great steps so any prospective new owner will need to be prepared for accidents, puppy pads and training!

Once she has settled in her new home with a canine brother or sister we feel she will continue to blossom and show her fab personality.

No children.

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