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Our lovely Sasha is back looking for a new home due to being returned for a number of reasons, sadly these reasons means that we are unable to rehome Sasha with young children and more details will be given to those interested in rehoming her.

Since coming back to us Sasha has been put through her paces, her previous owner said that she pulled heavily on the lead and was reactive towards dogs, cyclists, joggers, cars etc. We have instilled some respect on the lead and after one walk with us she was walking beautifully and could be held on one finger. We then moved on to cars to which we couldn't gain a reaction, there were a few instances where she sat and watched the cars pass but was more then happy to walk along side a busy main road to heel.

We have began work with other dogs and here on site she will walk passed any dog without taking a blind bit of notice, we have her off lead in the playpen whilst having on dogs on leads outside of the playpen again only tail wags and we have taken her in front of a few reactive dogs where she sat and looked to her handler for a fuss.

One of our staff took Sasha in to the Wyre Forest to gauge an idea of what she was like in the 'real world' and this is what they said: "Firstly Sasha travelled really well, though only a short distance she jumped straight in the car and lay down ready for her adventure. When we arrived at the forest we were greeted by a very busy car park with vehicles moving, people talking, children playing etc, Sasha though a tad excited walked passed everything with ease. There were a few moments towards other dogs she took an opportune moment to make a small reaction to two but she was corrected and we continued with our walk. Having known cyclist's were a potential problem for Sasha we took things gently, to begin we stood at the side of the cycle path and allowed her to stand with a loose lead and watch them pass, we then carried on walking when they passed and each time the most she did was 'look' however a check of the lead and 'leave' command was enough to regain her focus. We encountered plenty of other dogs during our walk and we successfully walked up to, next to and passed dogs on retractable leads and dogs off lead, even multiple dogs on leads together. There were a few instances where there were multiple were off lead, this could have been exciting and a potential for her to react as she was still on a lead however we did some work by turning away, doing circles and regaining her focus on me whilst we allowed the dogs to pass. We finally made it back to the very busy Visitors Centre where there were strangers, prams, children, bikes, dogs, joggers, lots of noise and distractions... Sasha walked beautifully passed it all, never moving from my side or taking a sidewards glance at anything. Throughout the whole walk Sashas leadwork was paw-perfect whether I asked her to walk to heel or gave her a longer line to have a wander she was able to be walked on my little finger."

Sasha is very eager to please, she loves to be told she is a good girl and always keeps an eye on her handler. We will be looking for an experienced home, ideally one with GSD experience, for Sasha, so our work can continue in her new home where she can flourish in to a beautifully behaved adult dog. She will benefit from obedience/dog training, she is very intelligent and it will be good to build on her existing knowledge and put her active brain to work.

We feel at present Sasha will be better off being an only dog however her work with dogs will need to be continued to ensure she develops and improves her socialisation.

Given the experience, time, exercise and training Sasha will make an incredible addition.

No cats and no or older children only.

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