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"Altering Images"

Staffie Awareness Event

We had a really great day on Sunday 6th March and would like to thank everyone who came along with their staffies and staffie cross dogs to show just how great these dogs can be. Thank you also to Jutta at Birch Hill Dog Rescue for organising the event. We had a number of enquiries about the staffies we currently have in rescue so hopefully some of them will now get to find a loving new home.

Why the event was held...

It may come as no surprise, but most rescue centres across the country are now inundated with Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Staffie Cross type dogs. Over the past few years the number of these dogs coming into rescue has increased ten fold. This has come about for a number of reasons;

  1. Some owners not having their dogs neutered
  2. Some owners breeding for money
  3. Some owners having these dogs as "status symbols" until the novelty wears off
  4. These dogs being labelled as "fighting dogs" highlighted by illegal dog fighting

When it comes to re-homing, many of these dogs are overlooked or not offered homes as quickly as other breeds because of their "reputation". But the reality is that many of these dogs make wonderful family pets and with responsible owners they can enjoy a full and happy life.

Forest Dog Rescue joined together with other rescue centres from across the region to help potential owners understand the benefits of neutering and responsible ownership and change the negative perception of these lovely dogs.

Help us make a difference to the future for the Staffie!

Staffies and Staffie Cross types at Forest Dog Rescue currently looking for new homes:

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