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Meet the super cute Styxx who has come in to us as a stray, sadly despite being chipped his owner didn't come forward to claim him so he has served his 7 days and been transferred to us to find his forever home.

Styxx is certainly a little character, we feel that he has not had much, if anything, in the way of training as his basic commands, manners and general obedience are somewhat lacking and his jumping up is constant. We have started doing some work with him like not giving him fuss until all four feet are on the floor however it is very difficult to instill this in the kennel environment specially with the excitement to see you so we definitely recommend some training classes to help.

On the lead he can be pretty erratic, pulling and trying to run everywhere however we have began working with him though still a work in progress he has made improvements. We have found that he can be quite vocal towards other dogs when he spots them out on walks, though we don't feel that its particularly of a negative intent it is something we are working to discourage. We have started walking him around with other dogs and with clear guidance he can walk happily along side.

Styxx loves to run round the playpen as much as he loves to jump up and have a cuddle, he is a typical active little terrier who is always on the go, always looking for the next adventure and certainly isn't your couch potato companion dog.

We will be looking for an active home with no young children or other dogs. Once he realised how to be a good and well behaved pooch he will make a cracking family addition!

No cats.

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