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Whippet, Male

Approx 11 Years

Theo has come in to us from a private home along with Pixie as unfortunately their owner could no longer afford to keep them so we have welcomed both with open arms.

Though both were in the same home together we do feel they would do equally well on their own and in their own homes as they are very different in temperament, needs and personality.

Theo is very good on the lead, even if he starts to pull he is easily corrected back and gives you lots of eye contact.

In the playpen he opts for a mooch about rather then a blast round but if the mood takes him he may have a trot or chase of a ball though generally more interested in sniffs and cuddles.

Theo is very affectionate, he loves people and fuss, he can sometimes jump up but will stop when told to.

With other dogs we have found him to be better with females then males, he can sometimes bark at others whilst out on the lead but is very easily managed when told to stop. For this reason he would ideally need to be the only dog in the home.

Theo would make a great companion for someone to enjoy a stroll and lazy days on the sofa.

No cats

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