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Our cute and scruffy Tyga is now ready to start the search for a new home after coming to us as a stray, despite being chipped nobody turned up to take him home so he has served his 7 days and now raring to go and get out of kennels to start his new life!

Tyga will most certainly be looking for an active home to keep up with his antics, he loves to be out and about exploring, embracing every walk he has. On the lead his excitement usually takes over and his ability to walk nicely dissappears so we have started working with him to walk nicely which is still a work in progress but improvements are being made.

We feel that Tyga would be better off being an only dog as although he is happy to walk around our fields with other dogs he isn't too pleased when other dogs come in to his space so some socialisation classes could be a benefit to him.

Tyga would be a willing candidate for some dog training as he is eager to please and a switched on little cookie not to mention his general obedience, manners and basic commands are somewhat below par.

He is a super friendly and cuddly boy who loves every human he meets, his only down side with regards to this is that he is so keen to see you that he jumps up a lot but we are beginning to put steps in place to tackle this. 

yga would make a fab pet to active family willing to enroll in some training to get him to A* standard good boy :)

No cats and no children under 5.

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