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Meet our handsome man Wreck It Ralph, who initially came in to us via another rescue as he spent a while in kennels without a single viewing so he has come to us to see if we can find him that elusive forever home!

We did manage to quickly find a home for Ralph however he was returned to us due to showing signs of fear aggression with visitors in to the home, with their being a child in the home they felt they were unable to tackle his needs they did however say if their house layout was different (not coming straight in through the front door in to the lounge) they may have been more successful. We have tried to replicate this in kennels introducing one of our trustees to him that he hadn't met before when he was in his kennel, he was visibly nervous, he did bark and back away. We then got him out on the lead and took him to meet strangers on the field to which he was more then happy to say hello and jump up for a fuss. We do feel that his fears are stranger related when they enter his domain, potential adopters would need to work on this by gradually introducing visitors by asking them to ignore him whilst keeping him on the lead etc. Further information and guidance will be given to those interested in rehoming him.

Wreck It by name and not nature, he is actually a big fan of soft toys he loves playing with them, taking him to his bed and curling up with them - bless him! He is very playful and loves a game of tuggy or zoom round the playpen, he can get quite excited at times and tries to jump up you sometimes trying his luck to tug on your sleeve but he can be quickly calmed and told no.

On the lead he actually doesn't walk too bad, he loves his walks! We generally use a high slip lead and most of the time he is a good boy but he could use some lead work in the form of some dog obedience classes. If allowed to react to high energy/reactive dogs he will however he mostly ignores other dogs, just needing a reminder every now and then. We have let him say hello to our more calm, ignorant and sedate dogs and was more then happy with a quick sniff however he finds the more bouncy dogs difficult and doesn't like them in his face.

Wreck It Ralph would make a fab addition to an active family with no/older children, no other pets and he will need an experienced home to deal with his fear of strangers in the home, he is a very loving boy who we think would make a loyal companion - he loves to get up on the sofa cuddling in close enough to give you lots of kisses!

No cats and no children.

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