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Meet our big fluffy boy Yogi! Yogi came in to us via another rescue but sadly we do not have any history on him, we have now finished his assessments and are ready to start the search for his new home.

Don't let his angelic cute look fool you, he is an exuberant puppylike character that sadly has had little to no training before coming in to us. Yogi will need an experienced home where he can be given lots of time and the training he so needs, we have started with him here but it is very difficult in the kennel environment as each walk we almost have to start again tackling his excitement first.

We are looking for a home with no children until he has learned some manners, he can and does jump up and with the size he is can be intimidating for children not to mention accidentally bowling them over.

Yogi absolutely loves to play, his toys are his treasured possession and will do anything for a game of tuggy, he will never give up the opportunity for a good game! We have found that his excitement can cause him to mouthe somewhat, whether it be your sleeve or wellie, we have started to teach him not to but again the kennel environment is a difficult place for us to instill this.

On the lead he can walk very nicely by your side however he does have moments where he will find entertainment in trying to hold on to the lead and jump around with it in his mouth not wanting to give it up, once settled back in to his walk. We have started to walk him using a gencon headcollar and it has proven to be useful to stop him taking the lead but further leadwork will need to be done in his new home.

We will be looking for a home with no other animals for the moment, we feel that he needs the one-to-one time of his owners. We have walked him round with a variety of different dogs and we feel that he would just be very full on with them so ideally some socialisation of how to meet and greet would go down a treat!

Once given the time, patience, training and firm but fair handling he will make an absolutely fabulous family addition.

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