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Zia 2014

Special little Girl, who looking for a Special Home.

Please meet the adorable Zia, one of our longest residents and although we love her to pieces, we really would love to see her settled in her forever home. 

Having in her own family would mean so much to this girl, she has waited so long for the stability and love a forever home will offer. 

Although Zia is currently in training to curb her excitement issues, she is very loving, affectionate and dare we say a little mischievous!

This lovely girl craves human interaction and sometimes becomes excitable but not aggressive; she needs a very special family who will be consistent and take the time needed to introduce the acceptable boundaries, this beauty will be hard work for a while (which can be said of many) but will be so worth while.

Zia is a clever girl, she walks well on a canny collar and harness, there’s so much love in her, it’s soul destroying to see her being passed over simply because she needs that extra time and patience to encourage her behave correctly. She’s still very much the puppy and thinks she can have all her own way but an active loving family would make all the difference with great rewards.

Zia couldn’t be left on her own for long periods of time and for now at least, would need to be the only dog in the home but who knows what the future could hold!

After reading Zia’s short story, we hope you can understand why her family would need to be extra special and be willing to dedicate probably more than the average time, patience and consistency for this girl to shine through and finally become that special family member we aim for all our boys and girls. Zia just needs a chance.

Just like Tag and Baggy who are also here long term, (Tucker is in long-term foster) we will always be grateful to our FDR family and anyone kind enough to help us here.

Please, consider being a sponsor - it really does help change the lives of dogs like myself and it will brighten my day, knowing I have another friend out there looking out for me. 

Thank you, and take care!


         Zia x 

If anyone wishes to discuss the possibility of re-homing Zia, please call Mary on 01299 825 287.

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