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Beautiful big girl Zola is now ready to find her forever family after completing her assessment, she is hoping she wont have long to wait! Originally coming in to us from another rescue we sadly do not have any history on her.

On the lead when she first came in to us she was pretty terrible so we introduced her to a Gencon which has helped tremendously though we would say lead work could continue to be worked upon and improve.

Zola for the most part is a chilled out girl who you will often fine lying at the front of her kennel watching the world go by, she even smiles at you as you pass by! However she does have a super excited side and can be quite boisterous in play, she loves to zoom round the playpen and loves to chase toys (not so much bringing them back). As we have seen Zola's exuberant side not only would we be looking for a home with no children or older ones who are used to big dogs but also an experienced home preferably one with Akita experience.

We do think Zola could live with a male dog in the home however we do feel that it would be best being a similar size to her or even better, a similar breed. Equally Zola would do well being an only dog where all the focus, love and attention is on her. Out and about she is very engaged by other dogs, sometimes it is a bit like negotiating a double decker bus when maneuvering her away to stop her saying hello though she is generally good with dogs being better with male ones, she can be quite full on and intimidating when first meeting so socialisation classes could be a good call.

Zola would certainly benefit some dog training classes, she can 'sit' when asked but remaining seated can be a bit of a challenge at times - bless her. She is a smart cookie that would benefit the mental stimulation and getting up to scratch with her obediance.

Zola would make an incredible addition!

Not cat tested and no young children.

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